Donlin Gold Project

NEPA Analysis and EIS Support

The Donlin Gold project involves development of an open pit mine and associated facilities, camp, roads, barge port, and gas pipeline.

Owl Ridge staff have supported the proposed Donlin Gold, LLC (Donlin Gold) project for about 20 years including:

  • ESA Section 7 BAs addressing 16 species under NMFS jurisdiction and 6 species under USFWS jurisdiction with regard to four barging routes – offshore oceanic, inshore oceanic, river route, and across Cook Inlet.
  • Biological Resource Evaluation of alternative compressor station locations
  • Biological Resource Evaluation for pipeline alternatives across the Susitna Flats State Game Refuge
  • Waterfowl Surveys and Evaluation of Seasonal Use Patterns
  • Kuskokwim River Juvenile Salmon Investigation
  • Kuskokwim River Rainbow Smelt Migration Surveys
  • Raptor Surveys
  • GIS and database management