Doyon, Limited – Exploration, Drilling, and Operations

Owl Ridge staff have been involved with Doyon oil and gas projects for more than 10 years by providing regulatory compliance, land use planning, and permit strategy and application support. Owl Ridge prepared permit applications and compliance guidance for seismic surveys and drilling two exploratory wells in the Nenana/Minto basin, just west of Nenana, Alaska. Permitting complexities included stream bank modifications and dredging in an anadromous stream that required coordination with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Alaska Department of Fish and Game and Alaska Department of Natural Resources.

The drilling program required mobilization of the drill rig and equipment via barge on the Nenana River. The complexities included approvals for refilling the dredged material as the water level dropped to accommodate project demobilization. Land ownership included Native Village and Regional Native Corporation, City of Nenana, State Game Refuge, and Mental Health Trust lands.

Owl Ridge support for Doyon has included:

  • Land use planning
  • Evaluation of material sites
  • Environmental studies for site and road development
  • Wetland surveys
  • Archaeological investigations
  • Bird surveys
  • Lake fish surveys
  • Development of project-specific Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plan (ODPCP).