Powder River Basin Oil Natural Gas Project EIS, Regulatory Oversight, and Land Services

Owl Ridge staff managed the preparation of an EIS that evaluated the proposed development of an additional 50,000 oil and gas wells on federal, state, and private lands that cover an area of 8 million acres. Following the BLM’s decision on the development. Additional Owl Ridge staff provided regulatory and contractual oversight for surface use agreements applicable to coalbed methane operations in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming. Staff routinely interacted with landowners to improve client’s relationship with landowners. Conducted a Surface Use (split estate) Agreements audit and developed strategy to minimize contractual risk and developed business practices for contractual and financial accountability.

  • Analyzed unit gas gathering contracts to support client in meeting contractual commitments, to develop business strategy recommendations, and to build relationships with gas gatherers.
  • Coordinated with landowners regarding operations affecting property, responded to land owner complaints, negotiated resolutions to problems, and interacted with local non-governmental organizations.
  • Developed baseline water quality (BWQ) program for new coalbed methane well development and oversaw existing BWQ program to ensure it met contractual and regulatory requirements.
  • Developed a strategy with the corporate law and environmental compliance departments to investigate, document, and respond to impaired domestic water well complaints received from the landowners.