Aquatic and Wetland Studies

Fisheries and Aquatic Survey and Monitoring

Owl Ridge’s fisheries biologists specialize in field investigations of freshwater, coastal, and marine fish populations and habitats. Owl Ridge staff have conducted scientific investigations on fish populations throughout Alaska and the Pacific Northwest for more than 30 years. Owl Ridge fisheries expertise includes pre- and post-project evaluations of fish populations and habitats. We design and implement aquatic baseline and biomonitoring, including collecting and analyzing fish heavy metals loading data. Our work has analyzed effects on fisheries resources from causeways and culverts, recreational development, offshore and onshore oil and gas exploration and development, mine development and operation, and other industrial development. Our fisheries biologists have prepared EFH Assessments under the federal Fishery Management Plan to support EFH consultation under the Magnuson-Stevens Act. We evaluate subsistence resources and harvest, analyze risk, and develop impact mitigation. We also provide expert testimony on fisheries issues.

Vegetation and Wetland Assessment

Owl Ridge wetland scientists provide both remotely sensed and on-ground mapping of vegetation communities and wildlife habitat using the latest satellite-imagery and GIS technology. Our wetland scientists conduct wetland delineations and rare plant surveys, with special emphasis on northern vegetation communities. They understand the ever-changing regulations regarding wetlands and rare plants and provide up-to-date expertise and guidance for our clients’ projects.