GIS and Database Management

The Owl Ridge GIS capabilities support the work of many different teams and scientific disciplines during the course of a project. Our staff build and maintain excellent communication and understanding between GIS teams and project management, and thus increase the efficiency and help the project teams meet their diverse objectives. We maximize the values of a GIS database with solid understanding of project team needs and goals that is imperative so that proper GIS procedures are identified and used to drive the overall design of a GIS database. Our GIS staff communicate the project-specific capabilities of the GIS in a way that project team leaders readily understand and thus apply the benefits of GIS. As an example, the Owl Ridge GIS Manager developed and managed a database for all engineering and environmental baseline data collected for a proposed 300-mile long gas pipeline to support the Donlin Gold project. The database was designed to allow for easy transfer of engineering and scientific discipline-specific data among pipeline contractors.