Marine Mammal Protection Act Compliance

IHA Applications and Marine Mammal Monitoring and Mitigation Plans

Owl Ridge marine mammal scientists assist industry and government entities with meeting obligations under the MMPA. Our services include preparing IHA applications and Marine Mammal Monitoring and Mitigation Plans (4MPs) as required under MMPA. Owl Ridge also addresses potential impacts to marine mammals under NEPA. Owl Ridge has secured permits for activities such as exploratory oil and gas drilling, seismic data acquisition survey, barging, impact and vibratory pile driving, dynamic positioning of tankers, construction of wind farms, offshore liquefied natural gas (LNG) ports, ferry terminals, underwater and seafloor buried pipelines, and communication cables. Our scientists implement marine mammal monitoring programs in compliance with IHA stipulations.

Protected Species Observer Program Training and Management

In addition to MMPA compliance, Owl Ridge provides PSO program management and training. The PSOs are trained and equipped to monitor from vessels, aircraft, stationary drill rigs, and shorelines. Our PSO staff conduct marine mammal and seabird surveys and monitoring from offshore vessels for various marine operations as an obligation under 4MPs. Our staff have monitored marine mammal activity associated with pile-driving during ferry terminal and bridge construction, conductor pipe driving, offshore oil and gas drilling, offshore seismic data acquisition survey, barging and drill rig towing, offshore fiber optic cable-lay operations, sheet-pile driving during construction of an offshore wind farm, and pipeline construction with offshore ports.

Owl Ridge PSOs also conduct systematic surveys for sea otters and Steller’s eiders in Cook Inlet, monitor for marine mammals and marbled murrelets in Puget Sound, and serve as polar bear guards/monitors during Alaska winter operations.