Regulatory Planning and Process

FERC Permitting and Relicensing

Owl Ridge staff have extensive experience dating back more than 30 years with federal and state licensing processes for small to large hydroelectric projects, including a thorough understanding of the FERC licensing process. Our staff have conducted wildlife, fisheries, and vegetative studies; written FERC resource reports; conducted Habitat Evaluation Procedure and NEPA analyses; and prepared Section 7 BAs for licensing and relicensing hydropower projects in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. We have a clear understanding of the effects fluctuating water levels and other hydropower dynamics have on local fisheries, wildlife, and riparian vegetation. This experience also includes addressing impacts of electrical transmission line systems associated with the hydroelectric dams, such as bird electrocution, collision, and predator avoidance issues.

Permitting and Strategic Planning

Federal, state, and local regulations are in constant flux and, as a result, they can conflict with one another. Ensuring effective permitting of projects requires a complete evaluation of permitting processes that may have the greatest risk for conflict, delays, or even cancellation.

Owl Ridge environmental scientists’ extensive familiarity with natural resource permitting requirements, processes, and timing provides clients with a clear roadmap for effective project permitting and risk mitigation.