Wildlife Expertise and Regulatory Compliance

Endangered Species Act Compliance

Owl Ridge biologists have prepared 60 BAs and consulted with federal agencies as required under the ESA for a wide variety of clients and activities. Evaluations have included subsea cable and pipelines, barge traffic, road improvements, marina dredging, dock improvements, bike trail construction, wastewater treatment plants, bridge, storm damage, ferry terminal improvement, park development, airport expansion, industrial site cleanup, housing development, National Pollutant Discharge and Elimination System permitting, wetland restoration, wind farms, solar power, and reservoir dredging. Owl Ridge biologists have addressed every listed species in the western U.S. from San Diego, California to Barrow, Alaska. Our biologists also conducted surveys and monitoring for both terrestrial and marine listed species.

Wildlife Survey and Assessment

Owl Ridge wildlife biologists have extensive backgrounds conducting terrestrial and marine wildlife surveys, assessments, and research. Terrestrial services include ground-, aerial-, and photographic surveys for rare and important wildlife species; habitat evaluations; baseline contaminant studies; conservation and mitigation plans; and expert witness testimony. The team has worked extensively in Arctic tundra, boreal, alpine, temperate forest, rainforest, shrub-steppe, and desert environments on a wide variety of industrial, military, and government projects. Owl Ridge also has extensive experience working with the policies and authorizations under the management and direction of the USFWS. This experience includes management of ESA requirements, wildlife interaction and mitigation plans, and development and management of observer programs if required by operational stipulations.